Review Process

About Conference Peer Review
Peer review is vital to the quality of published research. AMACS Conference requires all papers go through the peer review process before publication. Each scientific paper is evaluated by a group of experts in the same field to make sure it meets the necessary standards for acceptance and publication. The International Scientific Committee collaborates to review and discuss submitted papers. The General Chair is ultimately responsible for the selection of every accepted paper. The review in AMACS Conference is single-blind  review, i.e. the names of the reviewers are not shared with the author but the reviewers are aware of the author’s identity.

Plagiarism / Self-plagiarism is strictly forbidden. In case of plagiarism or self-plagiarism, the authors will banned in AMACS Proceedings as well as in any further evaluation in our collaborating journals.

Peer review is fundamental to the scientific publication process and the dissemination of knowledge and information. Peer reviewers should be experts in the specific topic addressed in the articles they review, and should be selected for their objectivity and scientific knowledge. All reviewers should be informed of the publication’s expectations. Reviews will be expected to be professional, honest, courteous, prompt, and constructive. The editors may routinely assess all reviews for quality; they may also edit reviews before sending them to authors. The submitted manuscript is a privileged communication; reviewers must treat it as confidential. It should not be retained or copied. Also, reviewers must not share the manuscript with any colleagues without the explicit permission of the editor.