The main objective of the Conference is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Applied Mathematics and Computers in Simulation as well as their applications in various sciences and in industry. Only full papers will be promoted to reviewers for thorough peer review.


Linear Algebra
Numerical Analysis
Numerical Solution of ODEs and PDEs
Probability and Statistics
Stochastic Analysis
Calculus of Variations
Applied Functional Analysis
Differential Geometry
Applied Topology
Approximation Theory - Applications
Error Analysis and Interval Analysis
Difference Equations and Recurrence Relations
Dynamical Systems
Applied Algebra
Systems Theory and Control

Algorithms and Theory of Computation
Artificial Intelligence
Automata and Formal Language Theory
Graphics, Computer Networking
Computer Vision
Computer Science Education
Databases, Information Retrieval and Data Mining
Distributed and Parallel Computing
Hardware and Architecture
Human Computer Interaction
Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
Programming languages
Real Time and Embedded Systems
Scientific Computing
Software engineering
Programming Languages
Operating Systems
Hardware Engineering
Parallel Computing Systems Architectures
Intelligent Systems
Computer networks
Mobile Networks
Network Applications
Computational Geometry
Algorithms and Multiplexity


Computation and Reasoning Laboratory
Signal Processing and Informatics
Electronics and Communication Systems
Computational Methods for Energy Systems
Mathematical and Computational Physics
Mathematical and Computational Environmental Science
Computers in Economics and Business Administration
Computational Intelligence ((Neural Networks, 
Fuzzy Systems, Evolutionary Computing)
Mathematical and Computational Mechanics
Simulation and Modeling in Mechanical Engineering
Simulation and Modeling in Electrical Engineering  
Simulation and Modeling in Chemical Engineering
Simulation and Modeling in Industrial Engineering
Simulation and Modeling in Civil Engineering
Simulation and Modeling in Ocean Engineering
Simulation and Modeling in Naval Engineering
Mathematical and Computational Fluid Mechanics
Mathematical and Computational Heat and Mass Transfer
Mathematical and Computational Biology
Mathematical and Computational Chemistry
Mathematical and Computational Biochemistry
Mathematical and Computational Geology
Mathematical and Computational Material Science
Mathematical and Computational Economics
Simulation and Modeling in Business and Marketing
Mathematical and Computational Physiology
Mathematical and Computational Medicine
Simulation and Modelling in Tourism Studies

Simulation and Modelling in Operation Research
Simulation and Modelling in Telecommunications
Simulation and Modelling in Space Sciences
Simulation and Modelling in Food Science and technology
Simulation and Modelling in Veterinary Science

Simulation and Modelling in Social Sciences

Others ...